May 21, 2016


Recruiting Services

This section is for clients.

At Techselection, first we meet with you to define the profile of the candidates to be recruited, including responsibilities, management, the recruitment process etc.. This initial phase provides focus on important criteria in the profile and process. Client meetings result in a clear picture of the desired candidate and define the profile in terms of responsibilities, activities, working relationships, objectives and expected results, etc.

Using these criteria, defined with the client, we then start our search process. So our candidate search is focused on what our clients want.

This service is proposed to clients who require a rapid solution to a business, technical, organisational or commercial problem. We provide a pro-active, dedicated service to these clients. We take full details of the requirement, work through the selection process. With this service we invoice the client only when the candidate is fully engaged.

Results-based Recruitment

Executive Recruitment and Retained Assignment

Clients often prefer retained service as it provides guaranteed and dedicated service, appropriate for strategic positions.

The main advantages of this service are:

  1. Clients have access to dedicated recruiters at any time.
  2. Positions on retained assignment are given priority.
  3. Clients receive regular updates and reports as the assignment progresses

For more information on our services, please just call.